Akiko Bourland: The Grand Master and  the president of Ohara Ikebana Society of San Diego

Grand Master: Akiko Bourland was appointed Grand Master in 1996 after beginning study of ikebana in Yokohama, Japan in 1960. She moved to San Diego, California in 1970 and founded the San Diego Ohara Chapter in 1973, with an appointment as its president by Headmaster Houn Ohara.

Akiko has taught and demonstrated in many venues since her arrival to the United States. For her service to Ikebana International, she was selected by the board, to be a life-time member.

In 1996 she gave a One-Woman exhibition at the Handlery Hotel, Mission Valley, San Diego. In 2000 Akiko published a book entitled, IKEBANA-Harmony through Flowers. The same year she was honored with commendations by the Governor of California, and earlier by the Mayor of San Diego and the President of the San Diego Community College. In 2001, Akiko received a special recognition from the Honorable Tuneo Nishida, Consul General of Japan, Los Angeles, for her contribution to promote mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and the United States.

Akiko has conducted workshops and given demonstrations to the North American Ohara Teachers Association Conferences in 2003, at Los Angeles and in 2006, at Philadelphia, PA.

Society Leading Teachers:

Grand Master: Akiko Bourland

1st Master: Mitsuko Takeya

1st Associate Master: Teruko Hanson, Michiko Kawamura

2nd Associate Master: Cris Bugarin, Peggy Cathcart, Nakaba Emtesali, Teru Johns, Mitsue Lewis, Pui Lan Ng, Helene Quach, Marci Szeto

3rd Master: Vivian Fu, Tina Jair, Toshiko Modesette, Hide Nomura, Eiko Reuer

4th Master: Kazue Elliot, Ken Fernandes, Pamela Gates, May-Lee Ho, Kuniko Kuhn, Mary Le, Judy McTaggart, Qiuhua Li

Instructor: Takako Ikeda Frazier, Rose Mary Johnston, Anna Scade-Gracia, Hiroko Shirai, Chieko Swinford