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The San Diego Wabi Chapter welcomes you at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions about our society events, classes, workshops or membership.

Membership status


Board Members: Sep. 01, 2017 ~ Aug. 31, 2019

Elected Officers:

Ohara Ikebana Society of San Diego Executive Officers
: Cris Bugarin
First Vice President: Anna Scade-Garcia
Second Vice President: Debbie Garofalo
Recording Secretary: Leslie Roos
Treasurer: Hiromi Lopez
Corresponding Secretary: Mitsuko Takeya




Appointed Officers:

Audit Officer: Rose Mary Johnston
Communication Officer: Nakaba Emtesali
Historian: Lourdes Navor
Hospitality: Donna Lohr, Ryoko Nakanishi
Parliamentarian: Peggy Cathcart
Publicity: Vivian Fu
Ways ad Means: Marci Szeto
IT: Ping Au-Yeung


Founder Advisor: Grandmaster, Akiko Bourland
Honorary Advisor: Mr. Roy Muraoka
Advisor: Dr. Ju Chang Ho
Advisor: Ms. Chieko Swinford