Book by Akiko Bourland
"Ikebana: Harmony Through Flowers"

Ikebana book 'Harmony through flowrs Author: Akiko Bourland

This book is written by our Grand Master, Akiko Bourland, published in January 2000. The book is written by complete presentation both in English and Japanese with full-color photographs of Ikebana arrangements. Beginning with the most basic forms, it introduces a wide range of examples, including intermediate, advanced and traditional styles. Beautifully illustrated with a lots of color photographs of example works are all made by our Grand Master, Akiko Bourland. Photography by Walter Bourland. This is an essential text for both beginners and advanced students.




You will see below are some of the official containers of Ohara School of Ikebana. (Only some of the basic containers are shown in this page.) If you are a current member or student of Ohara School, ask your teacher for more details.

Basic Oval Shape (Moribana)

Half-moon Shape (Semi-circular)

Round Shape: Black

Round Shape: White

Round Shape: Blue

Round Shape: Light Green

Sqare Shape: Black w/gold

Bizen Round Shape


Compote w/gold

Compote: White

Hanamai/One Row

Linear: Donuts Shape

Linear: Wave Shape

Combined form "Hibiki"

Heika: Basic


Combined form "Madoka"